Alpine Après-Ski Party

At Claremont we always love to celebrate birthdays and often with a theme. Après-ski was a very filling theme for Clare’s party. Our friend Clare is passionate about hockey and skiing and will try to fit a ski season into her busy life.

Decorating the house for a party is part of the fun as well as the themed food and fancy dress. The party room was decked out with vintage skies, fairy lights, fir trees and a wooden toboggan. Baskets of wooly jumpers, gloves and hats were available for guests as they were greeted with the amazing aroma of spruce and cheese fondue.

Retro cheese fondue dishes were acquired from kind friends after a plea on Facebook and took centre stage on the feasting table. Gathering around the fondues catching up with friends whilst dipping bread into the fondue was a great party starter.

Tartiflette, Swiss roll and a ski shack birthday cake were enjoyed by all before the classic Claremont treasure hunt.

This party will be remembered for many reasons but the cheese fondue spilt on to the carpet will act as a daily reminder*


*credit goes to Rosie.


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